Sunday, 13 January 2013

In The Deep End!

                                                      "Have faith in the fish."

Here is my entry in the OzComics draw-off. Last weeks subject was The Deep. A wonderful graphic novel
written by Tom Taylor and illustrated by the very talented James Brouwer. Oh it's also Australian! A couple of  years ago my brother handed me a copy in his comic shop. I saw it and found it hard to believe that someone had finally produced an Aussie graphic novel of such high quality.

I have to admit that I saw it after being quite disconnected from the comics scene in general for many, many years. To be honest back in the 90's comics the Aussie comics scene had a few hits but the quality could be very hit and miss. At the time I saw this, to my mind the Aussie comic scene had all but passed away. I'm So glad I was very wrong! Australia actually has a few publishers with numerous titles and a lot of indie creators churning out books and web comics. To me the current comics scene is in a 'golden age" with a supportive community and social media exposing peoples work here and abroad. Needless to say I loved The Deep when I read it. A great example of how an 'all age comic' doesn't equate to 'dumbed down', juvenile or less exciting. The Deep, in my opinion has set an incredibly high standard and it is the one I judge my own work by.