Friday, 12 April 2013

The Adventurers Comic is in print! What do The Adventurers (Ellie, Rocbadger and Booster) think of The Adventurers first issue?

      Yesterday, I came home to a box marked " The Adventurers No.1". I was hesitant to open it. What if the print quality wasn't good enough? Fortunately, I wasn't disappointed when I checked a few copies. I quickly rang my sister, Cara who worked so hard to get The Adventurers ready for print. She raced over as fast as she could to see the printed copies. Meanwhile my wife came home and I excitedly presented her with her copy which she sat down and read immediately.

When Cara arrived she was delighted with the result (it's not 100 percent perfect but the little imperfections should be ironed out in subsequent issues). By the way she is one who drew the final pin-up for issue 1. I was really excited to see The Adventurers in print, the way I had always envisioned seeing it. I'm still excited today! Hence today's blog.

The Adventurers Comic Facebook page has been abuzz with the news of the print and I have been very happy and humbled by everyone's likes, comments and support. The fact that some people are ordering the comic through The Adventurers big cartel is also exciting!

It feels like a very old dream is being accomplished. We are not quite there yet but it is really fun to see The Adventurers in print and people ordering copies. Who knows what the future of The Adventurers holds? However, I'm enjoying the journey at the moment!

But what do The Adventurers think of The Adventurers issue 1 themselves?