Friday, 29 November 2013

It's here! The Adventurers Issue 2!

The adventure continues! Ellie is learns more about the mysterious Rocbadger. They travel together and meet a mute Robot and his unlikeable maker. Also a Rob and Hood back up story illustrated and co-written by my very talented sister Cara who also added the amazing colours to the cover above.

The Adventurers issue 2 Page 7

The Adventurers issue 2 Page 14

Issue 2 has been a learning curve and hopefully a refining of the process of getting The Adventurers comic  printed. I had to take a crash course on the basics of Manga Studio 5 but I was determined to use only one program if possible. I have also used a different printer for issue 2. It took a few proofs (I didn't get any for issue 1. Lesson learned.) to get the book to look how I wanted (basically getting the trim exact and paper stock to match isuue 1) but I couldn't be happier with the final result! In the end it took a lot longer to get Issue 2 out than I anticpated but since there were no impending conventions I took my time to work on the production process.