Sunday, 11 January 2015

Something happening with The Adventurers

A certain reporter who has recently written a post for Bolt Comics has erroneously claimed that there is no new news for The Adventurers!  I think she needs to fire her fact checker!

The work on The Adventurers issue 4 continues steadily and towards the end of last year The Adventurers Comic received it's first reviews. The reviews were very encouraging and left me with some good quotes I can use in future promotions.

Geek of oz said: "A heart felt read ... primary school age readers in particular will enjoy."

Nerd and geek culture said: "The Adventurers has a good story and is great for all ages."

You can read the complete reviews here and here. Hopefully there will be a few more reviews in 2015. Thanks once again to Geek of Oz and Geek and Nerd Culture.