Monday, 16 February 2015

The Adventurers in The missing Adventure.

Today I thought I'd share something a bit different with you all. Here is the one and only panel from a short story I had in mind to introduce The Bolt to the Bolt Comics Universe. It was planned to be a "breaking the fourth wall" story, that is, the characters would be aware they were Bolt Comic characters. As I planned the pages, I realised it wasn't the short introduction I originally intended. I also felt that as it would be the first ever Bolt Comics crossover with all the lead characters including Brigand from A Brigand's Tale, that a fourth wall gag strip wouldn't do the event justice.

The Adventurers on the adventure that never happened.

The panel itself is inspired by Indiana Jones, with the flaming torch and stone passageway. Who knows? It could prompt an Adventurers story idea in the future. 

As for a Bolt Comics inter title crossover, it's bound to happen... one day. We've already got a lot of ideas for how it occurs and lots of jokes from the gag strip will be able to be used on that occasion.