Tuesday, 14 June 2016

It is The Adventurers Comic Blog after all...

The follower: Art by Andrew Tribe
*We take a break from The Electrifying Bolt process posts to show some Adventurers art.*

This week I thought I would share a new Adventurers print that I'll be selling at next weeks Sydney SupaNova. The eagle eyed among you will recall it's the black and white pin up image from The Adventures issue 1. I've always thought that this image would also be a good issue 1 cover image. I never used it originally because I was stubborn and wanted all The Adventurers on the cover (even though we don't see them all until issue 2) and it wasn't until issue 1 was printed that I realised this could be a cover.

I'll also be selling the new ALL colour Bolt Comics Presents issue 1 (have I mentioned it contains The Electrifying Bolt?) and drawing sketches along with my brother Dan. We'll be sharing table 71 with our good friend John Hanna from Midnight Runners. If you are going to Supanova be sure to come and say hi. It's sure to be fun!