Saturday, 20 August 2016

Side by side 2

original Bolt page 2

Bolt page 2

Bolt page 3
As you can see some scenes were extended in the retelling of this Bolt story. It was inevitable considering the original was only 6 pages long. This page introduces Wendy Walters, Edensburgh's resident ace reporter. The original story has a reporter sort of tacked on at the end and hints that the Bolt is a real pain to her. The plan was to have Wendy as a recurring character reporting on The Bolt's "heroics".

Once again new improved script brought to you by Micheal Stoneburner, who incidentally, really disliked the bangs I gave Wendy for her hair style. He also came up with the TV stations name of "
WZZN TV 10". There is a reason behind it but I'm not sure I can reveal it at this time.

I've spoken before about Mike Perry and his great help in teaching me colour. The bolt pressed up against the glass is also inspired by the way he has drawn that in his comics.

Fun fact: I did my best to make the trucks number plate spell "roadkill".