Monday, 28 July 2014

The Adventurers Issue 4

Below is a pencilled page from The Adventurers issue 4.
You can see my pencils are not as refined as some other artists. I've always inked my own work so perhaps I've never developed the habit of tightening my pencils to an extremely detailed point. As I can switch from pencils to inks as needed, fussy over the pencils just to get them "perfect" would not be a productive use of comic making time. However these pencils are much tighter than some other Adventurers pages that I've inked. 

Can even The Adventurers halt the destruction?

Why isn't there an inked version of this page I hear you ask? (Now I hear you ask: How can he hear me?) Weeeelll I haven't gotten around to inking it yet but rest assured it's on my "to do" list! I may post the inked version at a future date. Enjoy the teaser.