Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Adventurers Comic pg 1

The Adventurers Chapter 1 page 1: The Dragon.
 Here is the first page of The Adventurers. I learnt not to over do detail on this page as it was a real labour of love and to agonise over each panel to this extent would make progress really slow (Remembering it was 10 or so years from the completion of this page to printing The Adventurers 1 :/ ) I also lost the original page when I took it to the library to photocopy so I could cut and paste (in the literal scissor and glue method, not digitally) some of the ferns for panel 3, after leaving the page on the photocopier. Panel 3 was altered digitally for the 3rd print edition of The Adventurers in order to make it more clear that the image was a reflection. Originally the little dragon on the right had wings but his character design was modified after panel 4 was drawn.